Jubjub power bounce

Jubjub Power Bounce is a NC Mall Game you can win Wearables from. This game requires power bounce tokens in order to play.Upon viewing the JubJub Power Bounce page in the NC Mall, you should get a pop-up asking to you claim a free token to use. After using your free token, you'll need to purchase more with Neocash if you wish to play again.

Every time you use a token to play, you get 3 JubJub balls to throw. When the ball lands on a rotating Tiki disc, you win a prize. If you don't want your first prize, you can play again; if you don't want your second prize, you can play again as well, but you'll be stuck with the prize you get on your third throw. Once you keep a prize, that is the end of your game and you'll have to use another token to play again.

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