Jubjub Blackjack is a card game a user can play with their main Neopet, who exclaims, "I'm the best at Blackjack!" Gameplay is exactly like Blackjack where users get as close to

Ctp 5
21 points by using the Hit, Stick, or Double commands. Cards are dealt by four different Jubjubs, who say a variety of the following...

  • If you choose double you double your bet and get one more card to try and win with
  • Cheat and ill scream!
  • If you get Black Jack then you win 50% extra!
  • I hear the more you play, the more the maximum bet goes up
  • Ohhhh I can't stand the tension!
  • Dealer always hits on 16 or lower

There is no limit to the amount of Neopoints a user can win from the game, and there is a max bet of 400 NP per hand. You can play here. Or, if you don't want to, go here.

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