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Jhuidah is the Island Faerie. You can visit her and her Cooking Pot on Mystery Island, or read more here.

Jhuidah was part of the Mystery Island Volcano Plot when she went missing.


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Jhuidah is a kind-hearted faerie who has made Mystery Island her home. With the aid of her magical cooking pot, this faerie has learned to forge amazing new items by putting together combinations of older ones.

Without the power of her cooking pot, marvellous items like the everlasting crystal apple would never have graced the lands of Neopia.

Be aware that not all combinations are capable of making a new item. If that is the case, though, and your attempt fails, then this kindly faerie will return your items unharmed.


  • Jhuidah (TCG)
  • Jhuidah Cabinet
  • Jhuidah Chair
  • Jhuidah Cooking Pot
  • Jhuidah Faerie Doll
  • Jhuidah Snowglobe
  • Jhuidah Stamp
  • Jhuidah Table
  • Jhuidah Usuki Doll
  • Jhuidahs Tangy Fruit Juice

Neocash Items

  • Floating Jhuidah Doll


If you rescued Jhuidah using a Tagobo Potion in the Mystery Island Volcano Plot you would have received the Free Jhuidah Avatar. This is no longer available.



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