Jhudora's Cloud is a place in Faerieland of Neopia. Jhudora the dark faerie is living there. When visitors come, she will request them to look for items. When visitors succeed, she will reward will different poisonous items, depending on the level visitors achieved.

Rewards list

A list of rewards and which mission you get them at

Level 1 Level 3 Level 5 Level 8 Level 11
Poisonous Lollypop Noxious Nectar Jhudora's Brush Purple Blob Potion Jhudora's T-Shirt
Level 14 Level 17 Level 20 Level 23 Level 26
Gnome Shroom Caustic Potion Dark Faerie Magic Malice Potion Purple Spotted Shroom
Level 29 Level 32 Level 35 Level 38 Level 41
Clockwork Rat Toxic Shroom Dark Shroom Jhudora's Potion Bartamus
Level 44 Level 47 Level 50
Dark Faerie Collar Wand of the Dark Faerie Portable Cloud
Note that you can use the Shop Wizard

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Wiki Neopedia ID: Hebrew (עברית): Dutch: Jhudora's Wolk
中文: 居多拉雲彩 Babyish:Jhudora dè Klaud

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