Correct Pronounciation:

(note: U is short, like glub or bun)

Name Jhudora
Species Dark Faerie
Gender Female
Alignment Evil?

Jhudora is a powerful Dark Faerie on Neopets. She currrently resides in Jhudora's Bluff, formerly Jhudora's cloud.

Unlike most villains in Neopia, it is unknown exactly what she did, and cannot be condemned for her actions or stopped as there is no proof of her wicked deeds.


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Gallery of Evil Description

Most villains earn their place in the Gallery of Evil through terrible, malicious deeds. One faerie, however, has never done anything to directly harm Neopia... and that's what has everyone so worried. Ranking among Neopia's most feared residents, the dark faerie named Jhudora is often regarded with suspicion (and always approached with caution). Her terrible temper and tendency to deceive and manipulate are well known, but that is hardly enough for the other faeries to condemn her. Still, everyone has their suspicions, and as a result she's watched very closely by her faerie sisters. It's rumoured that, over the years, she's had ties to several terrible things that have occurred in Neopia. However, until there is any proof, this cunning faerie will remain free.

It is known Illusen supposedly witnessed one of Jhudora's terrible actions, but was unable to prove it, thus this is why there is an intense hatred between the two.

It is heavily implied that many terrible things that happen in Neopia are actually tied to her, but that she does well to conceal her misdeeds.


  • If the Everlasting Apple is put in the cooking pot with Jhudora's Crystal Ball, you will receive the Everlasting Crystal Apple



Jhudora has two avatars available.

If you complete level 20 of Jhudora's Quest you get the Jhudora's Cloud Avatar 


If you complete one of Jhudora's Quests on Jhudora Day (Febuary 4th) you can get the Evil Jhudora Avatar. 


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