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Name Jeran
home Meridell
Profession Knight
Species Lupe
Gender Male
Alignment Good

Jeran is a blue Lupe. He is one of the Heroes of Neopia. He rescued Morris, and he was rescued by Psellia.

Fought against the Darigan Citadel.

His sister is Lisha.

According to myth, Jeran received his combat skills when he trained under Grarrg, the Tyrannian Battle Master


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Gallery of Heroes Description

Jeran is widely known as the greatest knight in the kingdom of Meridell. He has fought bravely on behalf of King Skarl against the forces of Lord Darigan, and more recently, Lord Kass.

Jeran is an excellent commander, leading Meridell's forces to a direct attack on the Darigan Citadel. Though overcome by Lord Kass, the attack was still a success, and by a stroke of luck (or fate), he was saved while plummeting from the floating citadel by an air faerie.

Jeran still resides in the kingdom of Meridell, and is now reunited with his little sister, Lisha.



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