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Jelly Chia
is a monster from the Gallery of Evil. He was created by a confectioner named Wizzle, who eventually tried to eat him.


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Gallery of Evil Description

Once upon a time, a deranged confectioner by the name of Wizzle wanted to create something that would make him famous and rich. He planned to create an 'edible friend', a pet who would be your buddy until you decided it was time to eat it.
One of his first experiments was the Jelly Chia. He looked after it, read it stories, and educated it about Neopia, until one day Wizzle got peckish. As Wizzle walked up to the Chia, licking his lips, the Chia suddenly realised what was going to happen. In a fit of desperation, the Chia launched himself at Wizzle, enveloping him, and slowly dissolving him. Nobody ever saw Wizzle again after that day.
If you look carefully at that old, disused chocolate factory on the hill, you may still be able to see this lonely Chia bouncing around, and you may still hear Wizzle's screams. Don't go inside however... whatever you do....


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