Jelly is a food from Jelly World and a colour for pets. The only way to get a Jelly Pet is through the Secret Laboratory.

Examples Of Jelly Pets


Related Games

Bouncy Supreme

You must help a Blumaroo bounce through Jelly World to get home.  You can play here.

Hungry Skeith

You must help the Buzz foreman to sort the Jelly so the hungry Skeith doesn't eat it.  You can play here.

Jelly Blobs of Doom

You play a hungry Chomby who must eat blobs of jelly.  You can only eat blobs smaller than you, and you grow with each one you eat.  You can play here.

Scourge of the Lab Jellies

You must destroy Jellies before they multiply out of control.  You can play here.


There are around 330 items with jelly associated with them in some way. These include;

4 books
2 Trading Cards (TCG)'s
4 neocash items
Around 40 different Jellies


  • There are 3 NeoGreetings associated with jelly.  You can view them here.
  • There is 1 Jelly Background.  You can see it here.
  • There was a green jelly plot which occurred in Neopia in 2003.

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