is a band in neopia that has an old style swing. When you go to a concert of theirs for the first time you get an avatar called "Jassmosis - Elephante". There are many bands in Neopia. Performing in the monotonic colors of black and white, Jazzmosis has become famous for its jazz music and plays in the concert hall on the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th of every month. During December, they have a special Christmas performance.

Ticketing Info

  • Price: 1,250
  • Color: Jazz Grey
  • Advent Calender Special Ticket of Y4: Given out in year 4 by the advent calender.

Items of Jazzmosis

  • Jazzmosis T-Shirt
  • Jazzmosis Hat
  • Jazzmosis Glasses
  • Jazzmosis Poster
  • Jazzmosis Biography
  • Jazzmosis Plushies (All Plushies of Jazzmosis)
  • Jazzmosis Speaker
  • Jazzmosis Ticket

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