Jazan profi
Name Jazan
home Quasala
Profession Ruler
Species Kyrii
Gender Male
Alignment Good (currently)

Jazan started off as the main antagonist of the Lost Deset plot, but reformed part way through. He is also the ruler of Qasala.


In the plot he tried to force Princess Amira to marry him, but it was later revealed he was only doing this to break a curse on Qasala, which resulted in many of the inhabitants being undead.

Nabile and Tomos discovered that the curse could not be broken through the marriage unless the two were in love, however, but since she had learned about Jazan's past and his true intentions, she had also fallen in love with him, and turned out to be a long lost princess. The two were then wed.

However, the curse was not broken as promised, and after doing more research, it turned out that the prophecy was false, and created to trick Jazan into releasing his evil father, Razul who then had to be defeated. Jazan gained the power to defeat Razul after seeing Nabile killed by Razul.

Jazan later appeared in the Faerie's Ruin Plot as one of the minor protagonists.



  • Displeased Jazan New Year Doll
  • Jazan and Amira Wedding Arbour
  • Jazan and Nabiles Memory Book
  • Jazan Balloon
  • Jazan Cake
  • Jazan Costume
  • Jazan Shield
  • Jazan Tribute Pot
  • Jazan Valentine Gift Bag
  • Jazans Collectors Throne Room Background
  • Jazans Guyliner
  • King Jazan Plushie
  • King Jazan Stamp
  • Prince Jazan (TCG)
  • Prince Jazan Collectors Headdress
  • Prince Jazan Plushie
  • Prince Jazan Rug
  • Tablet of Jazan
  • The Journal of Jazan
  • The Marriage of Prince Jazan


  • Despite being reformed, he is still listed in the Gallery of Evil

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