Jacques the Swift is a Red Kyrii who loves getting his best friend Garin out of trouble. He is the first mate of the Black Pawkeet, and is by no means an honest Neopian.

Jacques was part of the Curse of Maraqua Plot where he was taken captive by The Drenched. He was saved by his friends, and went on tp fight in the war against the pirates.

You can read about him here, and learn how to draw him here.


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Known for his loyalty and honour (at least when it comes to repaying debts), Jacques is well respected by his fellow crewmembers of the Black Pawkeet, as well as the citizens of Maraqua. As Garin's best friend since childhood, Jacques has always been there to protect his lifelong pal, whose reckless behaviour constantly gets him into one tight spot or another.

After she saved his life, Jacques showed his gratitude to Isca by volunteering to help protect the people of Maraqua. Though they were warmly received by its citizens after helping to defend the Kingdom of Maraqua, Jacques and Garin decided to return to their life of adventure and sailing the high seas.


  • Jacques Balloon
  • Jacques Plushie
  • Jacques Stained Glass Window
  • Jacques Stamp
  • Jacques the Swift (TCG)


Attack of the Revenge

In this game Jacques helps Garin (who you control) while he tries to keep Captain Scarblade and his crew off your ship. Jaques lights the cannons which are used to defend the ship.


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