Islandberry Crunch was a collaberation between Neopets and General Mills in 2006. The box's design was done by Gretchen Designs, whom has also done other work for Neopets.

Islandberry box

The cereal came with one of three TCG cards inside. This cereal was realeased at the same time as another General Mills promotion in which marked boxes of Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and Cookie Crisp each contained one of five Neopets TCG cards.


The Boxtop described the taste in Spring 2006 as, "...A pretty two-color raspberry-red and boysenberry-purple mix of sweetened corn puffs. It has a good berry flavor that is not too sweet."

Cerealously , fueled by nostalgia, writes about the taste in 2017. "That stuff was tropical and puckering, a complex mixed berry smoothie that tasted like the crunchy lovechild of Mountain Dew Pitch Black and Ghoul-Aid that went on to be adopted by some Swedish Fish. The closest thing we’ve ever seen in modern times is Chex Clusters."

On-Site Tie-Ins

on January 19, 2006 the Cereal Adventure Kitchen opened, which allowed each of a user's neopets one free bowl of Islandberry Crunch cereal a day. Jake the Explorer, the mascot for Islandberry Crunch, got his own comic called The Adventures of Jake around the time of the cereal's release.


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The Adventures of Jake

Neopets Trading Cards!!

New Features January 19, 2006

Old Cereal Adventure Kitchen URL

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