Orphaned during the devastating destruction of Old Maraqua, Isca and her sister Caylis were rescued by King Kelpbeard during his search for survivors. Isca soon earned a respected place in the community, due to her amazing dreams that were able to see into the future, helping to avoid any possible calamities. Her sister, on the other hand, was plagued by nightmares of unstoppable disasters, which led to her being exiled out of fear.

Isca's greatest moment came when she was able to help stop an invasion of New Maraqua by the violent and notorious Captain Scarblade. King Kelpbeard, whose trust she had lost by recruiting the aid of her surface dwelling friend, applauded the effort of Isca and her friends. After playing a defining role in the kingdom's victory, Isca and her sister Caylis were warmly welcomed back into Maraqua.

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