Do a quest for Illusen and she'll give you a reward. This is rated as a hard game of luck/chance.

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You can do one of Illusen's quests every twelve hours. Once you complete one of them, you cannot do one for her or Jhudora for forfor another 12 hours. Listed below are the rewards Illusen gives you for completing her quests. Also, since these are quests you request, you are able to use the Shop Wizard for finding items. Also, ple

ase keep in mind that while the items that Illusen asks for start at low rarities and are very easy to find, you will notice that as you approach higher levels, the items that she asks for become rarer and rarer in terms of the "Rarity" rating. Eventually, at the highest levels, Illusen will only ask for items around Rarities 97 through 100. Many

of these items are unbuyable, so your best course of action is to scout the Trading Post and hope that a) the item is for sale and b) the seller is online since you are only given approximately 15 minutes to return with the item. The unbuyable items can sometimes reach into the millions or even tens of millions of NP, so unless you are extremely lucky, this will be very expensive.

List of Rewards

List of rewards, including required finishing level to obtain the item discribed as in the table beneath.

Level 1 Level 3 Level 5 Level 8 Level 11

Illusen's Cookies


Illusen's Potion

Earth perfume

Illusen's Comb

Earth comb

Cucumber Eye Cream

Faerie earth eyecream

Illusen's Novel

Earth novel

Level 14 Level 17 Level 20 Level 23 Level 26

Mud Mixture

Faerie earth mudpotion

Flower Cake

Earth faerie flowercake

Rainwater Shampoo

Earth faerie shampoo

Rose Shake

Faerie earth roseshake

Earth Spell Book

Faerie earth earthspells

Level 29 Level 32 Level 35 Level 38 Level 41

Leaf Shield

Earth leafsheild

Illusen's Earth Potion

Faerie earth earthpotion

Honey Potion

Earth faerie honeypotion

Illusen's Scroll

Earth scroll

Illusen's Blade

Earth blade

Level 44 Level 47 Level 50

Leaf Taco Earth faerie taco

Illusen's Orb Plant Illusen orb

Illusen's Staff

Earth staff



Illusen's Glade

Complete Illusen's 20th quest to get this avatar.


Illusen Doll

You have to complete one of Illusen's quests on Illusen Day (March 17th).

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