Nptcg illusen
Name Illusen
home Meridell
Species Earth Faerie
Gender Female
Alignment Good

Illusen is the resident Earth Faerie of Meridell, whom she gives aid to in times of need. She is the arch-nemesis of Jhudora and long time rival of the Werelupe King, Illusen bestows quests on those willing at her glade in Meridell. She is a lover of nature and its blessed creatures.


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Gallery of Heroes Description

Guardian of the woodlands near the eastern border of Meridell, this peaceful faerie is a blessing to the citizens of Meridell. Her glade is a refuge for the tired, injured, and frightened during times of war, and a quiet haven during times of peace.

The kind faerie offers more than just a hospitable place to rest and relax; she also offers quests to those who are willing. She handsomely rewards those who faithfully bring her the ingredients she needs, often with beautiful (and sometimes even quite powerful) faerie artifacts.

No one is quite sure why she needs the ingredients, but everyone seems to be certain that they're for combating her arch-nemesis Jhudora.

Relationship with Jhudora

Illusen and Jhudora are known to be enemies. In fact, completing a quest at Jhudora's Bluff will result in Illusen turning one away from the Glade, and vice versa. The exact details for the hatred is unclear. However, it is believed that Illusen had witnessed Jhudora commit an act so evil, if revealed to the public, she would be banished from the realm of faeries. Jhudora is therefore believed to be the person who chased Illusen out of Faerieland and into Meridell.

There has been a lot of speculation from the community on the rivalry, including many writer's from the Neopian Times proposing that the two were friends, or even sisters. The belief they were sisters however was put to rest in a question and answer from the Editorial. The exact details of the relationship have never been revealed and the TNT refuse to elaborate further.

Jhudora Day


Illusen's cardboard replacement. Notice the Batamus behind it.

On Jhudora Day of Y14 (2012 in real-life,) Jhudora seemed to have captured Illusen for, whenever you went to Illusen's Glade there was a recording that said"Start Recording* Hello, my quests aren't very good. Maybe you should go to Jhudora and do a quest for her. *End Recording*" Illusen also was replaced by a cardboard cut out. It seems one of Jhudora's Bartamus's is hiding behind the cardboard Illusen. On top of all that, instead of saying "Return to Meridell," were Illusen lives, it said "Return to Faerieland," where Jhudora lives.


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