Lg 0610
Name Ilere
home Haunted Woods
Species Earth Faerie
Gender Female
Alignment Nuetral
"Power like his is not to be trifled with. Go home before you get hurt."

– Ilere

Ilere is an earth faerie who resides in The Haunted Woods.


Despite being described as dangerous, she does not appear to be evil, as she was willing to help an orphaned Sophie, and advise them to avoid a dangerous supernatural being. She is very mysterious and reclusive, avoiding others.


Ilere has large, glowing green eyes, dark green hair and pale green, leaf-like wings. Dressed in a long dark green cloak, she can blend into the forest. Her TCG describes her as beautiful.


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After Neovia was cursed, she took Sophie as a child with her and gave her a small shack in a swamp.

She helped Sophie, Bruno, and Gilly in their efforts to remove the curse on Neovia, even though she was reluctant to do so. Though she makes her home in the Haunted Woods, her exact whereabouts are unknown.


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