Correct Pronounciation:
hue-brid nox
Hubrid Nox
Name Hubrid Nox
home Haunted Woods
Profession Villainous Evil Sorceror, Necromancer
Species Chia
Gender Male
Alignment Evil

Hubrid Nox is an evil Chia on Neopets.


He is a blue chia with slicked back black hair, sharp fangs, and dresses in a pink blouse, black pants, and a dramatic cape.


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Gallery of Evil Description

This evil, nefarious, scheming Chia makes his home atop a desolate mountain in the Haunted Woods. He lives alone, as he prefers his devilish plans not to be interrupted. Whether its conquering just one city, or the whole of Neopia, whether he uses ghosts, aliens, zombies or mutants - Hubrid has an evil plan for every day of the week. Hubrid's arch enemy is the Wocky known as MAGAX: Destroyer. In fact their conflict is so famous in the world of Neopia they star in their very own game!

Hubrid Nox at one point had enslaved Magax. However, Magax eventually turned on him and became his greatest nemesis.

In the Faeries Ruin plot Nox was killed by Xandra and has a gravestone.

He may however live as a ghost as shown in the advert calendar Magax putting a present on his grave and his ghost hand taking it under


  • Despite his appearance, he, in fact, is not a vampire.
  • "Nox" is Latin for "night"


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