How to Draw Neopets! is a step-by-step drawing guide by Vivian LaRue and illustrated by The Neopets Art Team. The book was published by HarperFestival and Nickelodeon and released April 22, 2008. You could unlock the virtual How to Draw Guide by passing a quiz about the book here
How to draw cover

Characters Featured

  1. Kacheek
  2. Ruki
  3. Usul
  4. Xweetok
  5. Blumaroo
  6. Yurble
  7. Count Von Roo
  8. Uni
  9. Vira
  10. Ogrin
  11. Grey Faerie
  12. Soup Faerie
  13. Jeran
  14. Jhudora
  15. King Altador

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