Sometimes a Neopet gets sick or hurt. To heal your sick Neopet, you can go to the Water Faerie at the Healing Springs or give them the correct medicine-- but the big advantage of the Healing Springs is that it's free. The disadvantage is that it may take several visits before the faerie cures them.

Using the Healing Springs

Take your pet to the Water Faerie at the Healing Springs and click "Heal my Pets". You can use the Healing Springs every 30 minutes. She may not heal your neopet the first time you go, but keep going and eventually she will. Or, if you don't want to wait for the faerie to heal your pet, you can get the appropriate medicine to cure it. (Check the Hospital to see what item you will need to cure a specific illness) She will often give out free healing potions or will heal your pet at no cost; these same items can also be bought from her by clicking "See what is for sale". You can buy 1 item every half an hour.

Note: When you go heal your pets at the Springs, it won't tell you that your Neopet is healed of an illness; instead, you will see "PETNAME has been fully healed" or "All your pets have been restored to full health!" You can usually tell if your Neopet was healed if his or her face expression changed to a non-sick emotion after she heals your Neopet. If you're unsure whether or not your pet has been healed, you can check on the Quick Ref page.

Even if your pet is healthy, it's worth going to the healing springs for the chance to get a free healing item, a snowball, or bonus hit points for your next fight in the Battledome. Her magic can also cause your neopets to no longer be hungry.

To get there, go to the Healing Springs on Neopets.

All Healing Springs Items

  • Healing Potion I
  • Healing Potion II
  • Healing Potion III
  • Healing Potion IV
  • Healing Potion V
  • Healing Potion VI
  • Healing Potion VII
  • Healing Potion VIII
  • Healing Potion IX
  • Healing Potion X
  • Lime Elixir
  • Ubikiberry Elixir
  • Juicy Elixir
  • Pale Elixir
  • Healing Potion XI
  • Healing Potion XII
  • Wet Snowball
  • Poison Snowball
  • Super Strength Healing Potion
  • Dewberry Reviver
  • Bubbling Healing Goo
  • Essence of Everlasting Apple
  • Sticky Snowball
  • Icy Snowball
  • Exploding Snowball
  • Peach Snowball