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Hasee like to sit around all day and eat rich, tropical foods!
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The Hasee is a Neopia Central Petpet on Neopets.


Weight: 1 lbs.
Rarity: 99
Estimated Value: 1,650 NP


  • Darigan Hasee Ball
  • Hasee (TCG)
  • Hasee Backpack
  • Hasee Bounce Bat and Ball
  • Hasee Bounce Card
  • Hasee Bounce Compact
  • Hasee Cake
  • Hasee Coin
  • Hasee in a Bubble Racer
  • Hasee Puff Cereal
  • Hasee Seesaw Toy
  • Hasee Stripes
  • Hasee T-Shirt
  • HaseeKass
  • Island Hasee (TCG)
  • Look a Hasee!
  • Model Hasee Bounce See Saw
  • Mutant Hasee (TCG)
  • Orange Hasee Plushie
  • Purple Hasee Balloon Toy
  • Purple Hasee Plushie
  • Shiny Orange Hasee Balloon Toy
  • Success Pending Hopping Hasee Toy
  • Super Hasee Bouncy Balls
  • Teeter Tottering Hasees (NC)
  • Valentines Hasee Plushie
  • White Hasee (TCG)
  • Wind Up Bouncing Hasee

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