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Harris make very affectionate Petpets, providing you can stop them climbing the trees in the Faerie Queen's garden.
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The Harris is a koala-like petpet on Neopets.

You can learn to draw a Harris here.

Harris can take on the following styles:

Halloween, Christmas, Robot, Blue, Cloud, Faerie, Green, Pink, Plushie, Spotted, Rainbow, Purple, Tyrannian, Sketch, Fire, Pirate, Disco, Island, Grey, Yellow, Maraquan, Mutant, Ghost

Harris related items include

  • Squeaky Harris
  • Skipping Harris Painting
  • Harris Chair
  • Harris Lamp
  • Green Harris Plushie
  • Blue Harris Plushie
  • Harris Bed
  • Harris Tales (book)
  • Harris In A Box
  • Faerie Harris Plushie
  • Harris Rug
  • Harris Bean Bag

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