Name Hanso
Profession Thief
Species Ixi
Gender Male

Hanso is an egocentric thief in the Faerie's Ruin plot, and one of the protagonists.


Hanso is charismatic with an an inflated ego, but is good at heart. He implies that he kept allowing himself to be caught for the excuse of seeing Brynn over and over.


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Who says there's no honour among thieves? Hanso may have had his run-ins with the law -- especially the Brightvale Guards, for some reason -- but when faced with a catastrophe of epic proportions, this clever Ixi showed his true colours. Using his quick wits and even quicker fingers, Hanso helped bring down Xandra, break the curse on the faeries, and save Neopia from a future filled with despotism and shadow creatures. Of course, one could argue that Hanso helped to set it all in motion by stealing the artefact from Xandra in the first place.

He is a thief in Brightvale who is frequently caught by Brynn (and he later implies he lets her catch him).

One day, he stole an artifact from Xandra and sold it to Hubrid Nox, who used it to turn the Faeries to stone. He then offered to help the heroes stop Hubrid Nox, although Jazan remained suspicious of him.

However, Hubrid Nox did not recognize him and it was revealed it was actually Xandra in diguise who bought the artifact from him in order to divert suspision away from her.

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He then pretended to side with Xandra, but quickly revealed that he was faking it to get the artifact away from her, resulting in a battle between him and Xandra..or rather, he tried to get Xandra to overload the artifact with her power.

This resulted in turning himself and Xandra to stone, freeing the Faeries. Fyora then turned him back to normal, and for his services he was granted a full pardon.



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