Too closape

A nesting Mootix.

Habitariums are Professor Milton Clodbottle's greatest invention! They allow you to study and observe the lives and habits of the smallest Neopians—Petpetpets. Now, instead of trying to get them to stop biting your Petpet, watch as your Petpetpets build structures, battle pests, and even hatch eggs!

P3s come in 3 species: Mootix, Pinchits, and Larnikins. There are three professions or types of each species: workers, nesters, and soldiers.

You can purchase several buildings for your habitarium. Storage units allow you to store supplies harvested by your P3s. Houses are places where tired or hungry P3s can be placed to restore their stats. Hospitals allow you to restore P3s' health after a raid or pest invasion. Houses and Barracks house your Nesters, Workers and Soldiers (exclusive to the Barracks).

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