Grey Faerie
Lg 342
Name Grey Faerie
Species Faerie
Gender Female

The Grey Faerie is one of the several official faeries on Neopets. This faerie is always gloomy and has no wings, making her almost completely powerless.

Not too much is known about this faerie. There are several items based on her, including a Grey Paintbrush (Makes your pet grey and sad-looking).


In the Neopedia article on the Grey Faerie, it is revealed that the first known grey faerie is Baelia. In the story, she needs wings, which she can only get if she gets a new name. The end of the story leaves her nameless.

It is also mentioned that there are likely multiple grey faeries scattered across Neopia.

In the book,The Grey Faerie Chronicals: #1 Nomi's Quest, An oddly colored light faerie named Nomi becomes a Grey Faerie.

Plot Speculation

When the Grey Faerie article was released a Bottled Grey Faerie item was found on the servers, and in editorial #90 it was implied a plot involving Grey Faeries was on the way, but nothing has been heard about it since, suggesting it was either cancelled or postponed.



  • A Grey Faerie Doll
  • Bottled Grey Faerie
  • Grey Faerie (TCG)
  • Grey Faerie Card
  • Grey Faerie Mushroom
  • Grey Faerie Potion
  • Grey Faerie Snowglobe
  • Nomi the Grey Faerie


  • Floating Grey Faerie Doll
  • Grey Faerie Dress (no longer available)
  • Grey Faerie Wings


If you visit the Neopedia's article on the Grey Faerie here, you will receive the Grey Faerie Avatar.



External Links

  • You can learn to draw a Grey Faerie here
  • You can read more about the Grey Faerie here

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