One of the styles for pets and other items that NeoPets has is grey.
Msn techo grey

Neopets That Can Become Grey

There are currently 51 species of Neopets that can become Grey.

This includes Acaras, Aishas, Blumaroos, Bori, Bruces, Buzz, Chombies, Cybunnies, Chia, Draiks, Elephantes, Eyries, Flotsam, Gelerts, Gnorbus, Grarrls, Grundos, Hissi, Ixi, Jetsam, JubJubs, Kacheeks, Kaus, Koi, Korbats, Kougras, Krawks, Kyrii, Lennies, Lupes, Lutari, Meercas, Moehogs, Myncies, Nimmos, Ogrins, Peophin, Poogles, Pteris, Rukis, Scorchios, Shoyrus, Skeiths, Techo, Tonu, Tuskaninnies, Unis, Usuls, Wockies, Xweetok, Yurbles, and Zafaras.

PetPets That can Become Grey

There are currently 65 species of Petpets that can become grey.

They include Anubis, Arkmite, Avabot, Babaa, Blobagus, Blunas, Buzzer, Buzzler (Unpainted Form,) Cadro, Carmelior, Candychan, Catamara,Chumablah, Cirrus, Cyodrake, Drackonack, Droolik (Unpainted Form,) Dua, Faellie, Feepit, Filamen, Fir, Frowny (Unpainted Form,) Gallion, Gangee, Ganuthor (Unpainted Form,) Ghostkerchief, Goldy, Gruslen, Gwortz, GX-4 Oscillabot, Harris, Kookith, Krawk, Meepit, Meturf, Millipod, Noil, Pawkeet, Pfish (Unpainted Form,) Polarchuck, Raindorf, Roburg 3T3, Rock (Unpainted Form,) Rotawheel (Unpainted Form,) Snoogy (Unpainted Form,) Slorg, Snorkle, Snowbunny, Spardel, Splyke, Spyder, Sutekh (Unpainted Form,) Symol, Tapira, Tenna, Trunkard, Ultra Pinceron, Vacana, Vullard, Warf, Weewoo, Whinny, Woolypapith, Wherfy, Zomutt (Unpainted Form,)



  • Neopedia's article on the Grey Faerie
  • No, it isn't spelled incorrectly. Grey and gray are alternative spellings. Grey is used more in the U.K. Gray is used more in the U.S. Other countries choices??

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