"Welcome to Grarrl Keno! Choose from two to ten eggs on the board. The Grarrl will roar, and ten eggs will hatch into baby Grarrls. If any of the numbers you chose match the eggs that hatch, you could be in for a big prize!

The prize that you win will be displayed in the Prize Board. You have to match a certain number of eggs to win. For instance, if you choose 8 numbers, 4 of them must match for you to win."

Grarrl Keno is a game of luck/chance. You pick the amount of neopoints to bet. You may select a maximum of 10 eggs (numbers), and if enough of them are the ones that hatch, you win. The maximum that you can bet is based on how long you have been playing NeoPets. You may bet 50 neopoints plus 2 for every day you have been playing Neopets.

You can also let the game decide by clicking "Quick Pick" to randomise the selection. Once you're done, simply press "Hatch Those Eggs!" to get started.


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Grarrl Keno