Grackle Bug
Des gracklebug
These skittish Petpets are very timid. Not surprising if people keep trying to eat you...
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Grackle Bug is a Desert Petpet on Neopets.


Weight: 1 lbs.
Rarity: 95
Estimated Value: 15,000 NP


  • Burnt Grackle Bug on a Stick
  • Giant Grackle Bug
  • Grackle Bug Brew
  • Grackle Bug on a Stick
  • Grackle Bug Stamp
  • Grackle Bug Steak
  • Grackle Bug Usuki Set
  • Grackle-Stuffed Turkey
  • Gracklebug (TCG)
  • Gracklebug Paste (TCG)
  • Mayo-Doused Batter-Fried Grackle Bugs with Honey Walnuts
  • Scorched Grackle-Stuffed Turkey


  • None

Cooking Pot

  • None


  • None

Game Appearances

  • None

Available Colors

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