Commander Gormos is a Kougra. He is listed as a hero of Neopia and first appeared in the Return of Dr. Sloth Plot. Commander Gormos was sent by Dr. Sloth to get rid of Gorix and Cylara, however became an unwilling hero by letting them escape. The Kreludor Grundos now see him as a hero.


There are 4 items associated with Gormos;

  • Commander Gormos (TCG)
  • Commander Gormos Plushie
  • Defaced Portrait of Gormos
  • Holiday Decorated Gormos Statue.


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Gallery of Heroes Description

Hired by Dr. Sloth to lead his armies, the cold and precise Commander Gormos took his duties very seriously. However, the dilemma of deciding between exterminating two young Neopets (Gorix and Cylara) or letting them escape from the Virtupets Space Station caused Gormos, for the first time ever, to doubt his orders. Realising the monster he would become if he'd followed through with his orders, Commander Gormos defied Dr. Sloth, letting the two Neopets escape. Gormos knew that Sloth would never suspect him of betrayal; unbeknownst to the brave Kougra, though, a less easily swayed heart had been watching him from the shadows.