Golden paintbrush

Golden paint brush

The Golden Paint Brush was released March 1, 2001, and will make your neopet look as if they are made of solid gold. It costs approximately 150,000NP from the Trading Post.

Neopets that can be painted gold

Aisha (here), Blumaroo (here), Bruce (here), Chia (here), Chomby (here), Cybunny (here), Flotsam (here), Gelert (here), Grarrl (here), Ixi (here), Jetsam (here), JubJub (here), Korbat (here), Kougra (here), Krawk (here), Kyrii (here), Meerca (here), Nimmo (here), Poogle (here), Scorchio (here), Shoyru (here), Skeith (here), Tonu (here), Tuskaninny (here), Uni (here), Usul (here), Wocky (here), Zafara (here).

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