One of the styles you can change some pets to is gold.

You can get a gold pet a numeber of ways;

  • Through using a Golden Paint Brush for around 150,000NP
  • Through playing with a Magical Plushie
Magical Gold Chomby Plushie
Magical Gold Meerca Plushie
Gold Scorchio Morphing Potion
Gold Shoyru Morphing Potion
Gold Tonu Morphing Potion

The following NeoPets can be gold:

Aisha [1], Blumaroo [2], Bruce [3], Chia [4], Chomby [5], Cybunny[6], Draik [7], Flotsam [8], Gelert [9], Grarrl [10]], Ixi [11], Jetsam [12], JubJub [13], Korbat [14], Kougra [15], Krawk [16], Kyrii [17], Meerca [18], Nimmo[19], Poogle [20], Scorchio [21], Shoyru [22], Skeith [23], Tonu [24], Tuskaninny [25], Uni [26], Usul [27], Wocky [28] and Zafara [29].

Petpets are currently not available in Gold.

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