Gender refers to if a pet is a girl or a boy. Users can only choose between male and female as gender options on their accounts. The only thing a user's gender will impact is what is shown under their name on the neoboards and how you will be referred to at the bank (sir or madam).

Physical differences

Other than the implied real world ones the only major difference is that female neopets tend to have prominent eylashes while males do not. Gender also plays a role in what style pets will take on when painted Royal.

In official Neopets art, especially in the Neopedia, there's more gender dimorphism (e.g. adult females tend to have a more pronounced chest while males, especially rouges/military, tend to have more muscle).

There are absolutely no battledome stat differences between equivalent neopets and no customization limits related to gender.


Gender does not have any effect on a pet's personality or whether or not they will reject an item (e.g. females can absolutely dispise usukis while males can enjoy them or vice versa).


Faeries are undoubtedly feminine in appearance and all go by female pronouns. Neopets has never released an explicitly male faerie.


  • A user is more likely to have pets of their own gender than the opposite
  • The lab ray can change a pet's gender and the lab ray scientist battledome opponent can also randomly change your pet's gender when being fought
  • If a pet is painted royal as one gender but changes gender from battling the Lab Ray Scientist, their look won't change to match

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