is a Usul who made his debut in the Curse of Maraqua Plot.  He is most famous for his ship, The Black Pawkeet, which sails around Krawk Island.


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Gallery of Heroes Description

The brave pirate Garin is a rather unlikely entry in the Gallery of Heroes. Captain of the Black Pawkeet, Garin typically spends his days sailing the high seas in search of opportunities to plunder and loot. Unlike most pirates, however, Garin is known as more of a romantic, swashbuckling type who very rarely resorts to violence.

Garin and his shipmates proved themselves to be honourable in their battle against the dreaded crew of the Revenge, who were led by the notorious Captain Scarblade. Through a series of valiant struggles, Garin and his crew helped King Kelpbeard and the Kingdom of Maraqua to emerge victorious. Garin has (regrettably) refused to give up his pirating ways and continues sailing the high seas to this day.


Attack of the Revenge

Garin defends The Black Pawkeet against Captain Scarblade in this game.  You can help Garin defend here


  • Garin Balloon
  • Garin Negg
  • Garin Plushie
  • Garin Stamp
  • Garin the Foolish (TCG)
  • Garin To The Rescue Stamp
  • Garins Redeption (TCG)
  • Garins Stolen Dagger
  • Garins Sword



  • Gallery of Heroes: Garin
  • You can read about Garin here

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