Deceased game 1
It's where dead games go. Games so horrible, so scary that we had to remove them from the site, but now, thanks to this page, they live on! The game graveyard is located in the haunted woods and it's name suggests what it's about:

The Game Graveyard is an area in the Haunted Woods that has a collection of games removed from the arcade. You can play these games, but there is no high score table and you do not receive neopoints

Games Avaliable

  • Techo Says - Retired in Year 5
    • Has a remake currently avaliable in the arcade. The remake is nearly identical to the original flash aside from a few minor aesthetical changes
  • Kau Korral - Retired in Year 4
  • Ice Caves - Retired in Year 5
    • Spawned the sequel, Faerie Caves, which is also in the graveyard
    • Faerie Caves II is currently avaliable in the arcade
  • Faerie Caves - Retired in Year 5
    • Sequel to Ice Caves
    • Currently has Faerie Caves II in arcade, although with a different character, the mechanics are very similar
  • Neo DJ - Retired in Year 4
  • Scorchio's Quest I and Scorchio Quest II - Both retired Year 4
    • The files for the games in the graveyard are both very messed up and render them unwinnable
  • Freaky Factory - Retired in Year 3
    • Still avaliable in the arcade
  • Alpine Challenge - Retired in Year 4
  • Earth Faerie Aces - Retired in Year 4
  • Kiko Match I - Retired in Year 3
    • Sequel, Kiko Match II, is in the arcade
  • Mutant Graveyard of DOOM - Retired Year 6
    • Sequel, Mutant Graveyard of DOOM II is avaliable in the arcade
  • Destruct-O-Match I - Retired Year 6
    • One sequel, II, is in the graveyard while III is avaliable in the arcade
  • Chomby and the Fungus Balls - Retired Year 6
  • Meerca Chase - Retired Year 7
    • Meerca Chase 2 is still avaliable in the arcade with very similiar mechanics and two (or four, with cheats) added modes
  • Ice Cream Factory - Retired Year 7
    • Ice Cream Machine is avaliable in the arcade, and eleminates the levels with box pushing
  • Codebreakers - Retired Year 7
  • Chia Bomber - Retired Year 7
    • Chia Bomber 2 is in the arcade
  • Jelly Processing Plant - Retired Year 7
    • The remake adds a different gameplay style
  • Swarm - Retired Year 7
    • The remake is still offered in the arcade

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