Galgarroth is an advisor to Lord Darigan, and refused to work with Lord Kass.

He is also an opponent in Cellblock.


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A Grarrl of noble spirit, Galgarroth was a trusted friend and advisor to Lord Darigan during the kingdom's more peaceful days. When the citadel invaded Meridell to retrieve their stolen orb, Galgarroth served as second-in-command to Lord Darigan, and commanded his armies.

However, when the power of the orb drove Darigan mad, the Yellow Knight (who had escaped the Darigan Citadel with the aid of Master Vex) was able to convince Galgarroth that his lord had gone insane and become a threat. Along with the aid of both Meridell and Darigan's forces, they were able to destroy the Spectre of Darigan. Later, during the Kass wars, Galgarroth was punished for not giving in to Kass's false lordship over the citadel.


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