Fyora (character)
1024 fyora
Name Fyora (character)
Profession Monarch
Species Faerie Queen
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Correct Pronounciation:

The Faerie Queen, Fyora, is the ruler of Faerieland. She is a kind faerie who basically tries to keep everything under control, not just in Faerieland.

Fyora has her special day on June 2nd.


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Gallery of Heroes Description

Quite possibly the most powerful and benevolent being in all Neopia, Queen Fyora is respected by all. Why, even Neopia's most hardened evildoers will often try their best to hide their wrongdoings from her, because no one would dare to inspire the wrath of the queen from Faerieland.

For the good citizens of Neopia, she is a blessed being like no other: warm, caring, and kind. No matter what wars rage across the lands of Neopia, or what evil powers try to dominate this little world, every citizen knows that they will always have a light and a hope, as long a Fyora is there.

Fyora has been involved in many of Neopia's affairs, and is believed to be the most powerful being in all of Neopia.

Faerie Queen Quests

Fyora occasionally gives out quests to Neopians. She asks for a random item between rarity 76 and 89. They can get fairly expensive, however she will make a random pet "superstrong". This will raise their level by 1, their hit points by 3, and their strength by 3.

You should work out the cost of training your pet, to work out if her quest is worth completing.

More About Fyora

Fyora runs the Hidden Tower in Faerieland. This is where she sells special items such as weapons or toys, all very rare and very expensive.




The kindhearted Faerie Queen rules Faerieland with a big smile

Neopoint Items

  • Being Faerie Queen
  • Faerie Queen Doll
  • Faerie Queen Negg
  • Faerie Queen Perfume
  • Faerie Queen Snowglobe
  • Faerie Queen Wings
  • Fyora The Faerie Queen
  • Fyora the Faerie Queen (TCG)
  • Reject Faerie Queen Doll
  • Supreme Deluxe Faerie Queen Doll
  • The Faerie Queen Burrito
  • Candy Fyora Face
  • Candy Fyora Staff
  • Cady Fyora Tirara
  • Candy Fyora Wand
  • Cabdy Fyora Wings
  • 10th Birthday Fyora Ballpoint Pen
  • 10th Birthday Fyora Planter
  • Captain of Fyoras Guards Stamp
  • Chocolate Fyora Crown
  • Delicate Fyora Tea Cup
  • Deluxe Fyora Day Cake
  • Deluxe Fyora Goodie Basket
  • Deluxe Fyora Print Rug
  • Fancy Fyora
  • Fyora Apple
  • Fyora Ball
  • Fyora Bank
  • Fyora Bath Tub
  • Fyora Bobblehead
  • Fyora Card

There are also around 80 items associates with Fyora.

Neocash Items

  • Entrance to Fyoras Castle Background
  • Floating Fyora Faerie Doll
  • Fyora Collectors Staff
  • Fyora Mystery Capsule
  • Fyora Wig
  • Fyoras Collectors Dress


  • You can read more about Fyora here
  • You can learn to draw Fyora here
  • Fyora has 3 backgrounds associated with her. You can see them here.


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