A Fuzzle is a toy. There are regular Fuzzles and Evil Fuzzles.

You can learn how to draw a Fuzzle here, and an Evil Fuzzle here Fuzzles Can Also Break If you Play with them to much so be Careful!

Most Fuzzles can be bought here, at the Plushie Palace


There are more than 50 different fuzzles, and fuzzle items in Neopia

Fuzzles can be; Black, Blue, Brown , Cloud, Dastardly, Electric, Garlic, Ghost, Gold, Green, Grey, Insane, Mutant, Orange, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, Royal, Spotted, Starry, Striped, Tyrannian, White, and Yellow, with many of these also having an “evil” version.

Other Fuzzle items include;

Blue Fuzzle Lamp
Blue Fuzzle Sofa Bed
Blue Fuzzle Table
Broken Blue Fuzzle

Related Games

Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars

In this game you must defend yourself against the evil fuzzles by destroying them with your laser cannon. You can play here.

Cooking Pot

Flaming Torch + Purple Fuzzle = Flaming Wuzzle Toy


If you play with a “Blue Evil Fuzzle” until it scares your pet and says BOO! You will receive the Evil Fuzzle – BOO! Avatar.

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