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The fruit machine is free, and you can get good things from it. There's no skill involved; you just press a button. So, it's a good "game" to play as often as you can. The catch is that you can only play once a day. The fruit machine can be found here


Combination Prize
2 Bagguss 100 NP & a Bagguss
2 Tchea 250 NP & a Tchea Fruit
2 Cheops 750 NP & a Cheops Plant
2 Ummagine 500 NP & an Ummagine
2 Ptolymelon 1,000 NP & a Ptolymelon
2 Puntec 2,500 NP & a Puntec Fruit
3 Bagguss 1,000 NP
3 Tchea 2,500 NP
3 Cheops 15,000 NP & a battle muffin
3 Ummagine 5,000 NP & a petpet
3 Ptolymelon 20,000 NP & a battle muffin & a paint brush
3 Puntec

25,000 NP & a paint brush & 3 bottled faeries & a strength or level increase to active pet

Neopets rates this game as easy and it's in the luck/chance category. It is also a daily.


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