Forgotten shore
The Forgotten Shore can be unlocked if you obtain all nine pieces of the Forgotten Shore Map. You can win pieces through the Anchor Management daily, or you can purchase them from other users on the Trading Post, Auction House, and Shop Wizard. It is a daily.

Once you have the pieces in your inventory, go to the treasure map redemption area. You only need to redeem the map once and will then have access to the area forever.

Site Description

"Along the far coast of Krawk Island lies the Forgotten Shore. Treacherous reefs surround the area, and more than one vessel has been lost for daring to approach. Every once in awhile, old cargo still washes up onto shore..."

Forgotten Shore Prizes

When visiting the Forgotten Shore, you can recieve:

  • Ancient Peophin Maractite Coin
  • Round Maractite Coin
  • Discovered Treasure Chest
  • Forgotten Shore Background
  • Earrings of the Deep
  • Necklace of the Deep
  • Pirate Draik Egg
  • Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion
  • Neopoints (2k, 3k, 5k, 10k, 20k)
  • Or nothing


When randomly visiting the Forgotten Shore, you have a chance to find the Forgotten Shore Avatar.


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