The food shop is located in neopia central, shaped distinctively like a giant hamburger. All the products it sells are edible for your pets which help fill up on their hunger. Sometimes gourmet food will be restocked here.

Notable items

A variety of food worth under 1000np can be bought here though it's likely that it can be bought elsewhere for even due to restocking so commonly and therefor e it's not of much valuable.

More expensive things are of value, including an assortment of neggs and rare food that qualifies as 'gourmet' Some people look out for gourmet food in the hopes of being able to win a trophy and getting their pet listed on the list.


This isn't the most profitable shop to try and restock from but because of this it is also less competitive meaning it may be a good place for you to practice and earn a reasonable profit. Stuff that sells for 5000np precisely is probably best avoided unless you know it's worth it. Beyond that look out for neggs, items that sell really quickly and items worth over 10,000np.

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