Apple and cheese sandwhich

Just like in other worlds, Neopia has food, and Neopets need to be fed. Neopia has restaurants, shops, and farming communities where food can be found or purchased. Some food is extremely expensive while other food is very cheap or even free.

Neopets will sometimes refuse to eat the types of food that they do not like. What foods they won't eat is based off of a formula that takes into account the number of characters in the pet's name vs. the number of characters in the food's name. When this happens, changing the language to add/remove letters from the food's name will make it edible to your pet again.

Some kinds of food also may make your pet sick! (If your pet gets sick, visit the Healing Springs every half hour until they're cured.) Some foods are made to be plain gross, and if you feed those to a pet, they won't like it, but will eat it anyway without falling ill.

Some species, namely Skeiths and Grarrls, can eat anything-- even inedible objects like chairs and fishing junk. If one of them is too hungry, it will eat an available object in your inventory, so be sure to keep very rare and expensive items in your Safety Deposit Box.

Free Food

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