NeoPets get hungry. While they never actually die from starvation, unfed pets get very unhappy.

Collect or Buy Food

You can use neopoints to buy food or collect it from various locations in Neopia where it is available for free.

If you have fewer than 3,000 neopoints, you can get your pet(s) fed for free by the Soup Faerie.

Free food:

  • Get an omelette from the Giant Omelette on the Tyrannian Plateau. Each omelette provides 3 servings.
  • Get some jelly. (Food that's called jelly in some parts of the world is called jello other places.) Each jelly provides 2 servings.

Some users sell their extra omelettes and jellies in their shops, so if you need more food than you can get for free, you can usually buy some cheaply.

The Earth Faerie will feed one pet to bloated, but she usually asks for expensive items.

There are also locations where you can feed your pet for free. You can't take the food with you.

A Skeith or Grarrl can eat any item as food, including non-food items. When hungry, they sometimes randomly and automatically eat an item from the inventory, including non-food items, so it is a good idea to keep items deemed important in the Safety deposit box when not in use.

Different Food Effects

Some food may make your pet sick. Different species of neopets like different foods. Sometimes a pet will refuse to eat a kind of food that it doesn't like. And some food, for instance special neggs may have interesting effects like increasing your pet's strength.

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