The team representing Faerieland for the Altador Cup, they have consistently ranked lowest in most tournaments.



2006 Worst team overall, losing to Mystery Island, 273,003 to 769,323.

2007 Ranked 15th with 14 wins, 10 draws and 66 losses overall.

2008 Ranked 15th with 3 wins, 1 draw and 86 losses overall. Got 3rd place in Group 4 in the finals.

2009 Ranked 16th with 2 wins, 2 draws and 116 losses overall. Got last place in Group 4 in the finals, losing to Altador.

Worst team overall.

2010 Ranked 15th with 22 wins, 18 draws and 112 losses overall. Got 3rd place in Group 4 in the finals, beating Kiko Lake.

2011 Ranked 15th with 38 wins, 19 draws and 95 losses overall. Got 3rd place in Group 4 in the finals, beating Kiko Lake.

2012 Ranked 17th with 6 wins, 6 draws and 84 losses overall. Tied Group 5 against Altador.

2013 Ranked 16th with 15 wins and 85 losses overall. Tied with Virtupets.

2016 Ranked 4th, tied with Meridell. A huge jump for Faerieland.

Team Members

Team Captain

2011-06-17 1926 001

Name:  Kakoni Worrill

Species: Bruce

Position: Right Foward

Strengths:  Passing, Running Plays, Quickness

Weaknessses: Scoring, Strength.

Name: Ciona Broan

Species: Kyrii

Position:  Right Defender

Strengths: Blocking, Tackling, Toughness

Weaknesses: Stealing the ball, Lack of concentration.

Name: Delma Harrence

Species: Zafara

Position: Left Defender

Strengths: Guarding, Stamina, Craftiness

Weaknesses: Speed

Name: Elbin Kroe

Species: Shoryu

Position: Left Foward

Strengths: Tenacity, Stealing the ball, Passing

Weaknesses: Injury-prone, Consistency

Name: Valtonous Rea

Species: Uni

Position: Goalkeeper

Strengths: Consistency, Passing, Craftiness

Weaknesses: Speed



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