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It is unknown exactly what the Esophagor is, but it is known how hungry he is.


Oddly, whenever The Brain Tree wants to know when someone died, the Esophagor happens to know exactly when it happened. As a result, he is believed to be behind the dissapearances of many eating them.


Esophagors Quest

The Esophagor is always hungry, and its up to you to find the food he wants. He will only ask for Spooky Foods available here, but can sometimes get greedy with what he asks for. The Esophagor often asks for unbuyables (items over 99,999NP), if he does this let the time run out and try again later. He will reward you with a small amount of Neopoints, and an item if you get the items back to him within the time limit. It is rarely worth spending more than 1,000NP on his quests. You can attempt timed quests up to 10 times a day. For example you can do 3 Brain Tree Quests, 4 Snow Faerie Quests, and 3 Kitchen Quests. You can attempt the Esophagors Quests here.

The Brain Tree Quests

The Brain Tree will ask about when and where a certain person died. To answer, do 2 Esophagor quests, it's the ONLY way, as ONLY the Esophagor has the correct random answer, you have to feed him once for the "when" and once for the "where". Even if you guess correctly, you won't get anywhere: Neopets has "rigged" it so that unless you do two Esophagor quests, the Brain Tree won't accept your answer. You can try the Brain Tree's quests here.

NeoQuest II

The Esophagor refused to let Rohane and his friendspass through to Edna's Tower in NeoQuest II. He is also the final boss of the 4th chapter.


Once you have completed an Esophagors quest you will receive him as a Battledome opponent. His difficulty is 49. He has very poor defense despite the fact he has good weapons. As far as your abilities go, I would suggest burrow and sink, along with freezing items. Keep attacking and you'll succeed.


  • Eau de Esophagor
  • Esophagor Bath Tub
  • Esophagor Bean Bag
  • Esophagor Bed
  • Esophagor Chair
  • Esophagor Drawer
  • Esophagor Lamp
  • Esophagor Mask
  • Esophagor Plushie
  • Esophagor Pop-Up Book
  • Esophagor Shelf Unit
  • Esophagor Shield
  • Esophagor Stamp
  • Esophagor T-Shirt
  • Esophagor Table
  • Esophagor Essence of Esophagor
  • Moonlit Esophagor Stamp
  • NeoQuest II Esophagor Stamp
  • Tales of the Esophagor
  • The Esophagor

Neocash Items

  • Mini Esophagor

Note This item is no longer available from the Mall.

External Links

  • You can read more about the Esophagor here in the Neopedia.

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