Eliv Thade
Name Eliv Thade
home Haunted Woods
Profession Genius
Species Kacheek
Gender Male
Alignment Evil

Eliv Thade is a Kacheek.


He lived in a castle in the Haunted Woods, where he was given an anagram puzzle by his servants. He had previously finished every puzzle anyone gave him, but could not figure out this one, and it eventually drove him to madness trying to solve it. Years later, Thade passed away. His spirit is said to haunt his abandoned mansion. He created a book called The Grimoire of Thade, though the previous reader is said to have gone mad after reading just two pages.


Eliv thade in the awakened
  • Eliv Thade's name is an anagram that can be unscrambled to form "Evil Hated", "Evil Death", and "Live Death."
  • He is shown in the background of The Awakened Trailer.
  • It is speculated that his name is the puzzle that drove him to insanity, but no one knows for sure.


External Links

  • You can learn to draw Eliv Thade here or play his game here.

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