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The Elephante ("ellie-fant") is a winged Neopet with a prehensile trunk and a jeweled cap. It's debatable whether or not they can fly considering their size, but at the very least they have been known to hover a bit off the ground. Elephantes are known to be kind and helpful. They like travelling and taking in new sights, and are playful Neopets who enjoy competitive games with friends. They are mostly peaceful, but have surprisingly good aim with projectiles and enjoy the Battledome with a bit of practice. Surprisingly, they are fond of swimming, both as a fun leisure activity and a nice way to cool down on hot summer days. Nuts, and especially peanuts, seem to be a favourite snack of theirs.[1]

Elephante are 41cm (1.35ft) on average, making them one of the smaller Neopets.[2]

They are not limited edition, meaning you can create one at any time.

Site description: "Despite their cute appearance, Elephantes are not completely harmless. They can fire objects from their trunks with amazing accuracy, and a rampaging herd is very formidable, indeed."[3]

Available Colours

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8-Bit Elephante
Baby Elephante
8-Bit Baby Biscuit

Unconverted Pets

Only one type of elephante was not automatically converted during the art update.
Elephante plushie baby

Previous Versions

Elephantes were released 16 January, 2000.


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