Name Eithne
home Mystery Island
Species Fire Faerie
Gender Female
Alignment Evil

Eithne is a fire faerie who was the main villain in both the Mystery Island Volcano plot and the Neopets Puzzle Adventure video game, working with evil shaman Tura-Kepek on both occasions. She is depicted as being cunning and deceptive, but rude and selfish.

Plot summary

Mystery Island Volcano: Eithne first appeared outside Techo Mountain to prevent Neopets from entering the volcano, claiming to be under Queen Fyora 's orders. It was revealed later she was trying to awaken and control a giant monster called Moltenus, which lived deep inside the Mystery Island volcano. Fortunately, players were able to awaken Moltenus before Eithne, and Eithne was defeated.
Neopets Puzzle Adventure: In this game, Eithne tricks the player and Princess Amira into letting her into the catacombs under Sakhmet. It is later revealed by Nuria, who was tracking her, that Eithne was once again working with Tura-Kepek, being promised the fiery remains of Mystery Island as her reward.



  • She is one of the few Non-dark faeries to be portrayed as evil.

External Links

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