Edna the Witch is a Zafara who is constantly trying to learn new spells. You can often find her in Edna's Tower here mixing the ingredients you find for her. You can read more about her here


Before te world of Neopia was adjusted so that there were no humans, Edna was a human witch. Her change into a neopet was explained in-universe as a result of a spell gone wrong.


There is an avatar available from completing a quest from Edna, however the exact specifications are unknown, apart from  the fact that you can only get the avatar with 3 item quests. This is the Edna - Cackle! avatar.

Related Games

Edna Shadow

Edna's Shadow's image.

Edna's Shadow

In this game you must help Edna and her shadow gather the ingredients needed to make her potion. Play this game here


  • Edna
  • Edna Costume Hat
  • Edna PLushie
  • Edna the Witch
  • Edna the Zafara Stamp
  • Ednas Cookie
  • Ednas Potion
  • Ednas Shadow Background

Neocash Items

  • Cackling Edna Head (no longer available)

Battledome Challenger

When you have completed a quest for Edna you will be able to play against her in the Battledome. She starts with 60HP, and you will gain 5 HP per win.

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