Dung is a very cheap, well known item in Neopia. It can be found from the Pick Your Own Game, and is often sent to people to let them know that their Neomail Inbox is full.

A Pile of Dung

Writing *dung* on the NeoBoards will give you a symbol of a pile of dung.

Dung Items

There are many dung items, including dung pizza, dung bed, and dung box. You can often find Dung at the Second-Hand Shoppe, as it is a wearable item, or the Rubbish Dump

Dung Avatars

  • If you have 10 different dung items in your inventory and you refresh you can get the I'm Smelly Avatar. This may take a few refreshes. 10 of the cheapest dung items are: Pile of Dung, Dung Cream Sandwich, Dung Jelly, Half Eaten Dung Jelly, Dung Meepit Plushie, Dung Reclining Chair, Dung Sofa, Dung Arm Chair, Tyrannian Dung Cheese, Dung Box, Dung Carpet

Games with Dung

Key Quest
There are 2 power-ups with dung to be used during Key Quest. The first is a Pile of Dung which allows you to block one particular square for one turn. The second is Super Pile of Dung which allows you to choose two squares to block.

Tyrannian Mini Golf
There is a dung ball available, which is a very light ball available to play with.

Some of the answers contain dung, such as; "Dung Furniture stinks like dung" "It makes total sense to have a dung carpet in your dung neohome" "Some Neohomes are made with mud and dung and straw"

Sophie's Stew
Dung is an ingredient which may be required for Sophie's Stew. It is worth 5 Cauldron Points, and 0 Meowclops Points.

Tyrannian Dung Cheese is a cheese available to use for this game. It costs approximately 1650NP.

Hasee Bounce
Beware of dung in this game, if they hit you you will be temporarily stunned for 3 seconds.

Pick Your Own
There are currently 2 different dung items to be picked up around the farm, a Pile of Dung and Dungberry.

Cooking Pot
Two recipes include dung to be used in the cooking pot.

  • Chewing Dung + Snow Cake = Dung Cake
  • Almost Gummy Rat (Strawberry) + Chewing Dung = Stuffed Surprise

Meepit vs. Feepit

One of the challengers you will meet in this game is the "Dung Meepit"

Paint Brushes

There is a [Dung Petpet Paint Brush] available, for about 40,000NP. It can be used on a Meepit, Polarchuck, Warf, Angelpuss, Symol, Vullard, Geb, Khonsu, Faellie, Slorg, Scamander, Snuffly, Bubbles, Shocket, Lizark, Bartamus, Ona, Navibot, and Cirrus.

At the moment there is not a Dung Paint Brush for pets.