Pirates in Neopia use dubloon coins. You can use them to pay for training for your pet at the Swashbuckling Academy.

Dubloons are used for many things in Krawk Island. For example, The Swashbuckling Academy, Smuggler's Cove and the Golden Dubloon.

Alternative method

Another way is to visit Coltzan's Shrine and wait till the 55th second of the neopet timing for more of a chance. You can also play Buried Treasure and find them- but it's very rare. You can also play Anchor Management in which dubloons are a common prize.

Changing Prices

The prices of dubloons are always changing. As of March 12th, 2013, the Shop Wizard has indicated that the following dubloons are going for the following prices:

As you can only combine smaller dubloon coins into bigger value one but not in the reverse, you can see that the price per dubloon for lower dubloon coins are relatively higher than those higher ones.



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