What a friendly little guy, I wonder what he is doing in Meridell?
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The Drackonack is a Medieval Petpet on Neopets.


Weight: 11 lbs.
Rarity: 81
Estimated Value: 5,600 NP


  • Drackonack (TCG)
  • Drackonack Backpack
  • Drackonack Plushie
  • Drackonack Stamp
  • Drackonack Yoyo
  • Essence of Drackonack
  • Fire Drackonack and Minitheus Garland
  • Wind Up Drackonack

Game Appearances

Cooking Pot


  • If you have one or more items with the word "Cheese" and a Drackonack in your inventory and you refresh until the Drackonack eats one of the cheese items you will receive the Drackonack - Hungry Avatar. The cheapest "Cheese" items are "Cheese covered Caramel Apple" and "Cheese and Eel Burger". But apparently it works best if you have "Cheese" and "Vegan Cheese" either side of the Drackonack.

Available Colors

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External Links

Visit the Petpet Category for the full list of Petpets.

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